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Bff Coffees - Launch Party

Wow!  We had an amazing night at our Launch Party and we are so excited for the ladies who came out to support us.  There was great food, drinks, and of course coffee!!!!  I am always inspired to be around so many successful woman in my life and that was the case Friday night.  The atmosphere was electric, and to the beautiful women in this world that choose to support us, we are forever grateful. The three of us know what we have here is special and that it is more than coffee, its about lifting each other up and deserving one of the true pleasures in life, gourmet coffee. It was just awesome to see everyone be so supportive of our adventure, you all lifted us up. Here are a couple of pics below, look through them , and join this group of powerful Bffs:)Bff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Wine_and_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_Roasted_Gift_BagsBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_Roasted_Gift_Bags_Subscription_Order_to_Your_DorrBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_Roasted_Clever_Pour_OverBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_RoastedBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_Roasted_SpeechBff_Coffee_Launch_Party_Coffee_Fresh_Roasted_Even_Men_Like_To_Party