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Meet The Team


Bff Coffees is a roasting company that was created by 2 women that had a crazy passion for coffee. We are a company that believes life is too short to ever have a bad cup of coffee and we are dedicated to our customers to provide fresh roasted coffee and superior customer service.  Both of us have always wanted to do something in life that we had passion for, and the idea to roast coffee was an easy choice.  The idea was created just over 2 years ago, since that time we have been studying the art of coffee roasting and fell even more in love with the process. Our guiding principle is to help everyone understand that having gourmet coffee every morning in your home is possible, easy and affordable.
We roast onsite. We have a slow-roaster machine made by an expert who's been building them for over 15 years. We think our coffee is divine. Our coffee beans aren't bitter or burnt tasting, even for our French roast profile. We encourage using the coffee within 2 weeks and keep it in a dry/dark place close to your coffee maker. We’re obsessed with the Clever Coffee pour over method because it’ affordable, steeps the beans like a French press - but using a #4 natural filter paper wrapped around a mesh filter keeps the coffee really clean.
As a company we believe in encouraging women to think outside the box.  Our tribe is all about moving forward and celebrating our success with all the smart, motivated, and amazing women in this world.  Ensuring fresh roasted coffee in its pique/prime for quality and health. We are determined to show how easy and affordable it is to make gourmet coffee at home. It's really exciting to watch our friends and customers taste and smell our coffee firsthand.  Please join our tribe and let's enjoy our fresh roasted morning cup of Bff Coffee!
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My name is Mary and I’m one of the proud owners of Bff Coffees, I am very fortunate to be doing what I love, sharing my passion for coffee with so many amazing people.  I am the person that truly enjoys a good cup of coffee every morning, and this business has elevated my experience more than I could have imagined.    I have always been fortunate to surround myself with strong, confident amazing women, and I do treasure my friends, and try to be the person that looks at all the good things about people in my life.  Last year I turned 58 years old and decided I was going to run a marathon, I had never even ran one mile, so I immediately started training.  When it came to race day I was determined to embrace every mile of the race, to truly be present in the moment.  It was amazing and a part of my life that will always be memorable.  One of the things I learned about myself during the training and the race was I'm a pretty strong lady with confidence and determination to complete the seemingly impossible.  I believe that the marathon continues to help me succeed in life.  I have been married for 39 years this May, and that is another fortunate part of my life, I'm married to a great man that loves me unconditionally, we have been together more than half our lives and can't imagine life any different.  I have two wonderful kids and have been blessed with 5 beautiful grandkids.  I love spending time with my family and friends, hiking, traveling, good wine, great food and of course amazing coffee.


Hi my name is Tawnee and I am one of the owners to this amazing company Bff Coffees.  I am so excited to be a part of a company that understands women and of course great coffee.  

I am a mom of 3 kids who works crazy hours and spends my free time as a taxi driver getting my kids to all of their activities.  I have a young daughter that I want to show her that women really can do it all, by owning their own business, working our butts off, being a mom, and still knowing how to enjoy life.  

I have worked in sales and marketing for almost 20 years now and have always loved any job that I could put my skills to helping people in their lives.  

Even with my crazy schedule I always find time to see and take a trip with my best friends a couple times a year.  Even though time, location and life has taken us in many directions we always come together like no time has passed.  I was raised by one amazing woman with girlfriends that always made me believe that I can accomplish anything.  Those ladies have been a part of my inner circle and seen me through my good and bad times throughout life.  

My goal is to ensure my daughter has that same strong support system that will encourage and be there for her forever.  

When I am not working and running kids everywhere, I am spending time with my partner in crime Mike enjoying the outdoors, watching my daughter dance, my boys play every sport and catching any Giants baseball games or Notre Dame football games that are within our reach.