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Benefits of Bff Coffees


Bff Coffees is a company that believes life is too short to ever have a bad cup of coffee and we are dedicated to our customers to provide fresh roasted coffee and superior customer service.  Our guiding principal is to help everyone understand that having gourmet coffee every morning in your home is possible, easy and affordable.  When picking your coffee for home it is important to start with a good fresh bean.  We offer beans from Costa Rica, Brazil, and Guatemala

  • High quality from the Costa Rican Tarrazu region, Brazil & Guatemala
  • Single origin, fair trade, aromatic
  • Roasted, whole coffee beans
  • DECADENT! Each coffee has its own unique flavor
  • FRESH! Shipped within 24 hours of roasting.


Fair Trade:  Everyone deserves a decent wage for their hard work.  We believe in this with all our hearts!

Aromatic: Yes…sinfully aromatic. Nothing smells better than walking in to our roasting room as it is happening. We’ve been known to stash a bag of beans behind our seat in our car as an air freshener…..we recommend it.

 FRESH! Shipped within 24 hours of roasting: We will roast and either ship them out the same day or the very next day. (This means we’ll never roast on a Saturday since the mail doesn’t go out on Sunday.)

Whole Roasted Coffee Beans have up to 15 days of peak freshness. This means the highest anti-oxidants are provided, the oils in the bean are fresh, not stale or rancid.

Think of WHOLE BEANS like a loaf of bread sitting on the counter and then compare GROUND COFFEE like a slice of bread sitting on the counter.

Freshness Hints:

  • We’ll send you whole beans ready to use-just like clockwork. (It’s usually 24-48 hours before the roasted bean is ready for brewing. Perfect timing!).  
  • We’ll always put the roasted date right on your package of coffee.  
  • You will notice your beans becomes more oily with time. That’s good!....Until the oil goes rancid. So use them up!
  • Keep them in a dry, dark airtight canister to maximize their freshness.