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Enjoy your Bff Coffee with the Pour Over Clever Method

The Bff Team is always being asked what is the best way to brew coffee, the answer really is different for everyone.  Here at Bff Coffees we have pretty much bought and tested almost every possible brewing method.  The one that the three of us like the best is the pour over method, it just gives our coffee an amazing bold coffee flavor that is to die for.  After trying many types of pour overs we all agree that the clever is the best for several reasons:

  • We love the way it holds the coffee grounds in hot water without automatic draining too soon and losing any coffee flavor
  • We love that it is one of the most economical ways to brew coffee, it costs $18-$21 on Amazon, just a great deal
  • We love that it is easy to use, not a lot of moving parts
  • Most of all we love what it does to our coffee, it is amazing when you put fresh beans and the perfect brewing method together.

Now the three of us use the cleaver slightly different, as you brew your gourmet coffee at home you need to determine how you like your coffee.  You need to test out how much coffee you use per cup and how much water is right for you.  We all grind our beans a little finer than you may traditionally see in a regular grind.  We set out grinders between a fine and medium grind and it seems to be perfect.

 It took me a couple of weeks to get that perfect gourmet cup of coffee that was awesome for me.  You can follow the link provided below and there is a short demo on how I (Mary) use the clever.  We encourage you to let us know what makes the perfect cup of coffee for you.  It is fun to see what each person does to make their morning coffee ritual amazing.

At Bff Coffees we are obsessed with providing fresh coffee beans that in turn always provide the perfect cup of coffee.  Our guarantee is 100% satisfaction and we roast today and shipped the very next day, no exception, you deserve fresh coffee everyday