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Fall Arrangments

I know that most people have already moved into Christmas and forgot all about their fall decorations. For me personally, I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate my house. My thoughts on it this year have changed though. I have decided that who cares when you decorate. Whatever works for you and makes you happy then do it. With that being said I absolutely love fall, the colors, the leaves, the pumpkins, the drinks, and everything else about it. So I am just not quite ready to put all that stuff away. Time goes by way too fast and I guess this is me trying to slow some things down.
One of my all-time favorite decorations really for any holiday are the blankets. I waiFall_Blanketst all year to use them, they are so soft and let me admit that I am just obsessed. First of all, I am always cold. I live in the desert so you would think that would mean that I am always hot but it is actually the opposite. I am cold with any weather below 80 degrees so I am always bundling up in a blanket. I also think a nicely placed blanket in any room can help give it a fun holiday touch, nice color, and they are pretty inexpensive. As I said, you can use them for any holiday so make sure to change things up!
As everyone can expect, a favorite holiday decoration for me is a classic pumpkin. They are coming out wPumpkinith all these fun new colors but really I just love the good olde orange. Pumpkins can work in any house from September through November. I like real ones but they don’t last for very long. Plus the fake ones we only have to buy once and then can be brought out year after year. Honestly, you can put pumpkins seriously anywhere in a house and they look good.
I don’t know if this next one makes me old, but I still love wreaths on the Fall_Wreathdoor.  I feel like that is something that my mom or grandma always did but what better way to welcome your guest than a beautiful fall wreath.  My sister in law found this huge wreath and ended up hanging it on the wall which looks amazing. 
Last but not least, this may be a little different than what you are thinking about with fall dPumpkin_Fall_Candleecorations but to me decorating is all about the way you feel by what is around you.  Don’t forget about the smell…. who doesn't love a great fall smell. For the past few years, I have been buying the wall plugs from Bath & Body Works. I hate to get anyone hooked on them because they can be more expensive but I admit it, I am obsessed.  I cannot imagine buying any other kind. The second you walk into my house you smell Cinnamon Pumpkin, which at first sounds a little odd but it is amazing. I have my guests ask me all the time, what that amazing smell is. I am also a candle freak, I love having them around, and even more lighting them for the smell.  You definitely have to be careful with this though because of course, you don’t want to burn your house down during the holidays.
Regardless if you have already moved on to Christmas or not, hopefully, you still enjoy these Fall ideas.  What is your favorite fall decoration?