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Grinch Party

Finally, we can talk about Christmas without feeling bad about it being before Thanksgiving.  This is my favorite time of year, not because of the presents but because of the colors, the smells, and the feeling.  I know I sound like a hallmark movie right now but in my defense, I have been watching them like crazy for a couple weeks now.  I just want to go to Christmasville, be surrounded in snow, and sing Christmas Carols while drinking some amazing fresh roasted Bff Coffee.  Actually, I am a terrible singer so I won’t put you through that torture. I got to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family at home, which was amazing.  I was talking to my sister in law about Traditions. She mentioned that she had a lot of traditions growing up but feels her kids don’t get that same opportunity.  She is like most moms, we have good intentions but with everything going on in life and especially during the holidays we are doing the best we can without losing our shit and sometimes those traditions don’t happen.

So that got me thinking….. What will my kids remember for our family traditions?  I am hoping they don’t remember this past Easter where I traveled for work so much that I forgot to do an Easter egg hunt.  Luckily my kids are old enough and helped plan their own. Yes, that was a huge mom fail for me. I tell myself it is okay because again I am doing the best I can but this holiday I want to be better.  So I will be going over some fun traditions that we do and also some that I am going to try and start this year. Any suggestions from you would be amazing!

One of my favorite traditions is our annual Grinch Party.  We have done this for about 5 years and my kids love it. Even with being older they look forward to this night.  This year we got to do it with my entire family which was even better. The Grinch Party is just as it sounds, a night of all of us being together, watching the Grinch and eating some amazing green treats.  We also like to start off with a special drink. I line the glass with Red Sugar, add some green sherbet ice cream in the glass and top it off with Sprite. Now if you want it really green you can add some food coloring to it.  This drink looks festive, is very green and taste delicious. The kids are sure to love it! Now for the adult's you can do that drink but add a little vodka to it and voila you have your own special Grinch drink.

Now, this is really where Pinterest comes in handy, I got a recipe for Grinch cookies that are so easy to make.  All you need is a vanilla cake mix, milk, oil, eggs, cornstarch, powdered sugar, and of course green food coloring.  I also like to crinkle broken candy cane on top. It gives it another flavor and looks amazing. Don’t forget the popcorn!  Every movie party would not be complete without popcorn. I like to add red and green m&ms to make it a little more fun.

This year we did something a little different.  We joined the hype of matching pajamas. We got Grinch pajamas for everyone and took pictures.  Surprisingly enough even the guys of our family were willing to do it. I think we had to surprise them, add a little extra vodka in their drink and somehow they thought it was a good idea.  Something so small, and really doesn't seem like that much fun was a hit at our party and now everyone is wanting to start looking for our matching pajamas for next year. The pictures are adorable and I think we just added a fun tradition to our Christmas celebrations.  I will have a couple more blogs focused around traditions but would love to hear any that your family loves and can’t live without.