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Meet Mary - Bff Coffees

What I have Learned About Coffee

First I want to introduce myself, my name is Mary and I’m one of the proud owners of Bff Coffees, we are a roasting company that believes life is too short to ever have a bad cup of coffee.  I have talked about starting a Roasting Company for about 2 years now with a couple of my Bff's, we were interested in being apart of a business that we had passion for, and we all are obsessed with the perfect cup of coffee.  As we became more serious about this obsession of coffee we all began to do lots of research and I believe I have learned some things that have helped me enjoy my coffee even more than I did before.

I have always used an automatic drip system to prepare coffee, once I started researching, I wanted to find the method that works best for me.  I tried the french press, numerous pour overs, and vacuum pot. After buying several different types of coffee systems I really find that I love the pour over cone method the best, I specifically love the nicely priced Clever, I just bought mine on Amazon for $16.00, I also bought a reusable filter for $4.00.  Normally I don't choose the most economical way to do anything so I was impressed that I found this method so user friendly.  It did take a little trial and error to get the perfect cup of coffee, we are all different and need to figure out the exact amount of coffee versus water that works for us.

I hate to admit this now but I always bought ground coffee, I now grind fresh beans everyday and it is amazing the difference you can taste in the coffee.  Freshness is something else that I have found to make a big difference in the taste, the beans I use are never more than 2 weeks old.  I love Bff Coffees because of the smooth but bold taste and I am loving the chocolate flavor I taste in it. I go to bed at night thinking I can't wait for my coffee the next morning.

The last thing I have learned is how to reduce the less healthy items I used to make my coffee taste good, like cream and flavored creamers. It was actually quite simple; I just needed to start with an excellent coffee bean freshly roasted.  I used to really love caramel latte's or french vanilla creamer. I realized I was not really tasting the coffee I was mostly tasting the cream trying to cover up bitter coffee.  When I started drinking Bff Signature Coffee I would take a spoonful without cream to taste just the coffee flavor, then I would add significantly less cream than I did in the past.  I quite enjoy my coffee black although sometimes I like a little cream, but just a little, because I honestly am addicted to that amazing bff coffee flavor.  

A saying that I believe really describes so much about our company is one I read on facebook "You can always tell who the strong women are, they are the ones you see building one another up rather than tearing each other down"  I have been a fortunate lady throughout my life and have surrounded myself with strong women.  These women are dedicated to appreciating each other for who they are, what they have been through and who  they are today.  I am over the moon excited to share with all the amazing women in the world this perfect cup of coffee, and meet as many Bff's as a person can in a lifetime.  Come join our tribe! We are a bunch of ladies that love coffee and each other's unique perspective on life.  I look forward to hearing about all the things that are important to you and your Bff's.

Love Mary