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Morning Miracle

As most people believe, starting your morning out the right way can start your day off correctly.  Although, it is hard to know which the right direction is.  I recently read the book Morning Miracle and I have to tell you it was just what I needed.  The book talks about successful people and how they start their morning out.  This is something that I have put in place over the past month and it has changed my life.  I start every morning focusing on myself.  It was hard in the beginning because we all know that we are suppose to be taking care of other people so to take time for ourselves for some people is a foreign idea.  However, it is so important and something that helps me stay grounded with where I am at and where I want my life to go.  

Coffee has been that morning ritual for so many people around the world.  Something about the smell of it instantly catches our attention and makes us want it so bad.  I know I look forward to my morning cup, but I also use that time to reflect on my current situation, my goals and plan out what I am going to accomplish for the day.  Sometimes I get everything done on my list, sometimes I get additional items, and sometimes I fail miserably and get nothing done.  I am starting to learn that it is okay to fail but I need to add it to my list the next day until it is complete.  

It is crazy that doing something so easy like starting your day out on the right foot can have such an impact on our lives.  Figure out what your morning ritual is, please share it and together we can continue to work on being successful and trying to be the best we can be!