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Mothers Day

Over the years depending on what stage we are at in life it seems that Mother’s Day means something different to everyone.  This year I am in my 30’s, my kids are all about to enter their teenage years and I find myself being incredibly grateful for the life that I have.  Don’t get me wrong, I am like every other mother who one second I could sell the kid and the next second can’t live without them:) Now that my kids are entering their age of trying to figure out who they are and wanting to spend less time with me and more with their friends it helps me to appreciate my own mother so much more.  Parenting is hard, then throw on a full time job, being a business owner and sometimes I wonder how we all keep our sanity.  Times like these remind me as to why I surround myself with other strong women who support each other.  Below are some amazing Mother’s Day coffee gifs and from Bff to all the women holding their shit together we hope you have an amazing day and use code BFFSHARE10 to get 10.00 off your first recurring order!!!

Water_Boiling_kettle_bff_coffees_fresh_roastedPour Over Kettle Pot - This has got to be one of my favorite things in the world.  It heats up water in less than a minute and boils to just the right temperature.  Perfect for my Pour over cup of coffee every morning, my cup of tea when settling down at night, and really anytime I need some hot water.  I absolutely love this product!  Below are some links to options on Amazon.

clever_pour_over_bff_coffees_fresh_roasted.pngClever Pour Over - Of course we could not have a list of perfect gifts without adding in the best way to make a cup of coffee.  Everyone has their own way and style, but for the price of the clever you cannot go wrong, and the coffee is life changing.

Coffee_decor_bff_coffees_fresh_roastedCoffee Decor - There are certain things in life that make me happy and anything to do with coffee is one of them.  It starts your day out on the right foot and makes you feel like you can take on the world so why not decorate your kitchen, house or wherever with COFFEE!!

Bff Coffee & Mug - Now to really treat yourself or the mother in your life give the gift that will make everything better.  Bff Coffees is a woman's roasting company who is dedicated to providing only the best coffee.  We pride ourselves on the process of bringing you healthy, delicious, and flat out a spectacular cup of coffee.  Enjoy your mother's day cup with the Bff tribe and it will change your morning, year and life!  https://www.bffcoffees.com/ Use code BFFSHARE10 to get $10.00 off your first recurring order.

coffee_bar_Mothers_day_Blog_bff_coffees_fresh_roastedCoffee Bar - If you want to go crazy this year and you love coffee as much as I do, then you have to create your own coffee bar.